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Generating the Perfect Password

This is an idea I’ve been rolling around in my head for some time. Now that I have a blog, I can finally share it with you:
For years, system administrators and savvy users have needed to create long passwords to thwart password guessing attacks. However, those passwords are complicated and hard to remember. Is there a way to create strong, easy to remember passwords that are impervious to most attacks? Yes, thanks to something I call the compound password. It’s very simple, but also incredibly powerful.

Essentially, the compound password is a juxtaposition of two simple words, with their letters alternating. For example, dcoagt is a compound password. Can you see the two words in there? How about now: dcoagt . The two words in the compound password are “cat” and “dog”. To generate the password, “cat” is “inserted” into “dog”. But what of memorability? To the unenlightened, this looks like randomly generated, hard to remember ASCII text. But, remember, this is nothing more than the juxtaposition of two words. A simple entry trick means that all you will need to remember is your two words any time you need to type in that password. Here’s how:

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