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Nortel Contivity Image Upgradation

Upgrading the Image of the Contivity VPN Router:

1. Acquire the image v5_05.241 (128 bit) in the optimized format (.tar extension).

2. Connect your laptop or PC to Contivity via a cross cable to contivity’s private LAN interface.

3. Make sure that your Laptop’s or PC’s IP address is in the same range as that of Contivity’s Management IP address.

4. Then open the Internet Explorer (Version 6) and using the Mgmt. IP of the Contivity open the web based mgmt. of Contivity.

5. Start the FTP server in your Laptop or PC and configure a user and its password.

6. Give the path of the image file in the FTP server to the folder in which you have stored the optimized (.tar file) image file.

7. Please note that the Optimized image file with .tar extension has one more extension .gz which is hidden.

8. Now in web based mgmt. of Contivity go to Admin  upgrades.

9. In this screen you need to enter the following info:

Host IP  IP address of your Laptop or PC running FTP server.
Path  Just give the image file name with .tar.gz extension.
Version  name of the image but without the .tar.gz extension.
User name and password of the FTP server.

Make sure that in the Internet Explorer POP Up’s are allowed

10. After entering all the info. correctly and after making sure that the FTP server is running, click on the Retrieve button on that page.

11. A small window will open showing the status of the image copied to the Contivity.

12. When in this window there is a display that the transfer completed successfully, you can close this small window.

13. Now that you have dumped the image to the Contivity hard disk, you need to apply this image.

14. In the same path (Admin  Upgrades) there will be a drop down box where you can see the new image that you just transferred to the Contivity.

15. Select that new image version and click Apply.

16. Wait for some time, the new image will be applied and the Contivity will reboot automatically.

17. After the Contivity is booted again access the Contivity via web based and go to Status  System and verify the new image version.