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Upgrading Nortel Switched Firewall

Purpose: This document provides the procedure to upgrade the existing cluster of Nortel Switched Firewall. The cluster of accelerated platform consists of 2 accelerators running in active-standby mode and 2 directors in active-active mode.

Pre Requisites:

1. Backup of the configuration
2. Image CD of 4.1.3_R55
3. Minimum downtime of 3 Hours.


1. Remove the standby accelerator (Accelerator-2) and the connected director (Director-2) from the cluster.
2. Upgrade the image in Director-2 by installing the image 4.1.3_R55.
3. Once the installation is completed successfully, connect the accelerator-2 to the director-2 and power it on. When the accelerator comes up and detected by the director, the director will upgrade the image of the accelerator automatically.
4. Physically disconnect the active accelerator & active director ie Accelerator-1 director-1 (Actual Downtime starts).
5. Connect the Accelerator-1 to the already upgraded Accelerator-2 over Inter Accelerator Port.
6. Director-2 connected to the Accelerator-1 will now detect the Accelerator-1 also and upgrades it automatically.
7. Now Accelerator-2, Director-2 and Accelerator-1 are upgraded to 4.1.3_R55
8. Install the new image 4.1.3_R55 in Director-1. After up gradation, connect the Director-1 to the Accelerator-1 and join it to the cluster.
9. Restore the configuration in the cluster.
10. Connect the cables from the zones to the respective ports on the accelerators.
11. Check the connectivity to all the zones and to the management server from both the directors.
12. Reset the SIC in both the firewall objects (Director-1, Director-2) in the Checkpoint Management Server.
13. Re Establish the SIC with new activation key.
14. Install the policy on the Cluster.
15. Check all the traffic and the applications status.