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Re-establishing SIC (Secure Internal Communications) for Checkpoint

Re-establishing SIC:
This article will give you the steps to establish SIC in a Checkpoint Firewall.

Useful Netscreen Commands for Troubleshooting

Netscreen Commands for Troubleshooting:

Here is some useful Netscreen commands for troubleshooting.

Configuring the Nokia time offset on Nokia Checkpoint Firewalls

It is common that the firewalls go out of synchronization of NTP servers and the clocks starts to drift apart. With the device times going out of synchronization on the infrastructure, it could lead to problems in security events management.

Configuring VRRP Interface on a Nokia Checkpoint Firewall

This article will show you how to configure VRRP on a Nokia Checkpoint Firewall.
What needs to be done:

Basic Netscreen Commands

Basic NETSCREEN Firewall Commands
If you are new to managing the Netscreen Firewall, then these commands will help you in managing the Netscreen Firewall from the Command Line Interface.

Troubleshooting RSA Securid authentication

Troubleshooting Checkpoint firewall issues involving RSA securid authentication Method:

If there is any problem in the authentication process then you might have to add a rule on the firewall:

TOP Intrusion Detection Systems Interview Questions and FAQs - Part III

What are zero day attacks?

Zero-day exploits occur when an exploit for vulnerability is created before, or on the same day that a vulnerability becomes known to the world at large. IT organizations are constantly fighting to keep their systems patched and updated, but the reality is it takes time to adequately test a patch against all applications running on the servers. This leaves organizations exposed to the narrowing of the time between discovering a vulnerability and the time an exploit is launched. As such, an attacker can effectively compromise unprotected servers at will.

Top Ten Tips for Managing Your Firewall

This article discusses the Top ten tips that you can implement to best manage and fine tune your firewall. The purpose of this article is to get the best performance out of your firewall and increased security to your network.

Cisco site to site VPN Configuration Cheatsheet

Please find enclosed the cisco site to site VPN configuration in a nutshell. These basic commands would help in configuring a site to site VPN setup. This can also assist in troubleshooting vpn issues.

Nokia Top Clish Commands Reference

This is a quick reference guide to the most popular and widely used Nokia Clish Commands. You can manage the Nokia firewall as much from the Command Line Interface as from Voyager.

Cisco Pix DHCP Relay Usage

This article would show you how to use DHCP Relay Usage using a Cisco Pix Firewall.

Scenario: You are adding a new DHCP server and would like it permitted as a DHCP relay through the firewall. The address is


This article will show you how to configure Fortigate 60 from the Command Line Interface.




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